• 1.0 Name : The name of the Forum shall be “Karnataka Senior Engineers Forum “.(K-SEF) / Karnataka Engineering and Technical Consultancy Services (KETECS)
    2.0 Registered Office: CA Site , No. 1, 8th Main, 2nd Cross Kamalanagar, Bsaveshwaranagar post Bangalore-560079.>
    3.0 Aims & Objectives : The Aims & objectives of the Forum shall be as hereunder :
    3.1 To guide and work towards improving the quality of developmental and infrastructure works undertaken by various Government agencies by bridging the gaps in the  theoretical knowledge and practical application of engineering principles. 3.2 To suggest measures for over all improvement of quality of living of the general public.
    3.3 To evolve a mechanism for healthy interaction between the Government agencies, public and other concerned organization for the betterment of public
    3.4 To conduct lecturers seminars and workshops relating to developmental/ infrastructure works proposed/ undertaken by the Government and other agencies .
    3.5 To encourage and promote technical knowhow to the public on the optimum utilization of civic amenities by holding regular interaction with the Government agencies and public.
    3.6 To undertake consultancy services such as planning, preparation of project reports, quality monitoring and management of projects with a view to achieve high quality slanderers.
    3.7 To pool professional talent, experience and expertise under one roof by involving the services of senior engineers.
    3.8 To form an Expertise team in engineering filed to lend Technical assistance to both Govt and Public.
    4.0 Title and Application
    4.1 These rules shall be called “Karnataka Senior Engineers forum “Byelaw” (Rules)
    4.2 Byelaw (Rules) shall apply to the Members of the Forum
    4.3 The Forum shall be located in its premises at CA Site No.1,8th Main, 2nd Cross Kamalanagar Basaveshwaranagar post ,Bangalore -560079.
    4.4 Definitions: In these context otherwise required
    4.5 Act means the Karnataka societies registration Act 1960 as amended.
    4.6 Forum means Karnataka Senior Engineers forum. (K-SEF) or (KETECS)
    4.7 “Governing Body” means the Management and the Board of Directors constituted under the Bye law to whom the Management of the affairs o the forum is entrusted.
    4.8 Governing Body “‘ means the Chairman, Vice-Chairman Executive Director and Technical directors.
    4.9 Member” means Engineers of all faculties subject to the privileges herein after mentioned..
    4.10 “Meeting” means Meeting of Governing Body, Annual and Special General Body Meeting.
    5.1 Qualified Engineers with Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate, Doctorate may be enrolled and admitted as members on payment of Rs.1000/- (plus taxes ) as Life Membership fee which is non refundable.
    6.1 The application to become a member shall be made in writing to the Executive Director or the forum in the prescribed form accompanied by prescribed fees.
    6.2 The application shall be duly proposed by one member and seconded by another.
    6.3 The Forum may accept or reject membership without assigning any reason thereof .
    7.1 The members shall have the right to propose resolutions and vote in all General Body/Special General Body meetings.
    7.2 Members shall have the right to propose one members and second another member for contesting in the election.
    8.1 The membership shall cease on resignation and death of a member,
    9.0 GOVERNING BODY 9.1 The Management of the Forum shall vest with the Governing body consisting of the following:
    i) Chairman - One
    ii) Vice –Chairman -One
    iii) Executive Director -One
    iv) Finance Director -One
    v) Technical Director - One
    vi) Directors -Six
    vii) President of KEA -Ex Officio Director
    viii) Secretary of KEA -Ex Officio Director
    9.2 The General Body shall elect the Chairman, Vice-Chairman , Executive Director, Finance Director, Technical Director and Six Directors to the Governing Body . 10. GOVERNING BODY MEETINGS 10.1 The Governing body shall meet as often as possible at least once a month to conduct the business of the forum.
    10.2 The quorum of the meeting shall be six .
    10.3 A notice of three days is required for Governing Body meetings provided this stipulation shall not be applied for calling emergency meetings.
    10.4 The executive director shall normally convene the meetings in consultation with the chairman.

    L I S T O F W O R K S :
    SL No. Item of Work Amount Rs
    1. Providing and  fixing Ducting work for installingAir condition  in lst  floor Dinning and existing ard room (Rs. 2,49,500+ Vat Rs. 36m243-00 Quotation is obtained  from M/S Prasiddi Vinayakaa   Air conditioners  and  rates  quoted  by themcompared with M/S Swathi Air conditioners.Rates   Quoted by M/S Prasiddi Vinayaka Air conditioners.are par with Swathi A.C. Hence, it is approved for   Rs. 2,49,950-00 + Va.  And  work order issued on27-4-2015 for executing the work in view of urgency.  Proposal is placed  before  the Meeting for ratification.With new entrance.
    Rs.   2,96,000-0000
    2. The work is  taken up departmentally and completed The  subject is placed for  ratification.
    RS  35,000-0000
    3. Providing wooden counters  for storage and linen to

     IIIrd floor, Guest rooms. The work is under progress.  Subject is placed for      Ratification.            

    5. Providing And installing commissioning of 4 Nos.nd floor for Accommadating card room.   Quotations were  obtained from Air conditioners  And  both the rates also compared with M/S Swathi  A.C.  i) M/S Prasiddi Vinayaka  A.C Rs. 2,79,019-00  ii) M/S  Sncha  A.C. Rs. 3,43,175-00   iii) M/S Swathi A.C  Rs. 3,34,625-00  Rates  quoted by Sl.No. (i) M/S. Prasiddi Vianayaka A.C. Is  the  lowest when compared  to other two agencies.Hence the lowest Quotation of M/S Prasiddi A.C. is placed before the meeting  for approval amounting to Rs. 2,79, 019-00    including all taxes.
    Rs 2,79,000-00000